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Works in Chinese

Taiwan PhotoScope (Multimedia)

A multimedia project focus on 400-year time zone in Taiwan

Peregrines of the bush can not be raised, for they are flushing and fluttering

Peregrines in Autumn

A multimedia-based romantic epic, based on ˇuLady Chatterley's Loverˇv of D. H. Lawrence

Suddenly, I realized that my mother has not sung a song for a long time. I can not help asking myself

"Does their smile gradually disappear during their suffering ? or the unjust rulers shut them up coldly ?"

Fallen leaves (Multimedia)

Revised from ˇuThe Forgotten Age - Who Comes to Trace The Song of Wagon ?ˇv
Dedicated to the people who have devoted their life to their mother - Taiwan in the pass loneliness years

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