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Chinese version

Taiwanese Speech Notepad Operating Manual

An Application Software of Vikon Multilingual Text to Speech System Compiler

Yu-Chu Chang


Main Operating Frame

There are four windows in main operating frame; Taiwanese window, Chinese window, online dictionary window and sample sentences window. Another area can also show Unicode Taiwanese, Chinese, English and Japanese words when mouse was moved over Taiwanese word, highlight Chinese word or dictionary word. Right click mouse button brought a menu list for Undo, Copy, Cut, Paste, SelectAll, Find, Replace and FindNext operations. Additional operations such as CopyAsUnicode and SpellCheck are also available in Taiwanese window. CopyAsUnicode will convert ASCII Taiwanese into Unicode Taiwanese (symbol tone mark) for external application programs. For any highlight text in Taiwanese window, a spell-checker can be executed after click SpellCheck operation. Illegal Taiwanese words will be showed in red. Words that are not built in main dictionary will be showed in blue.

Graphic User Interface

External Application Program Speech Output Interface

Click left mouse key to open Speech Output Interface
In an external program such as word processor or Internet browser, user can highlight the text and click Speech Output icon. All Taiwanese text in ASCII, Unicode and Big-5 will be transferred into speech output.

User can also click right mouse and select "Paste" in Taiwanese window to import highlighted Taiwanese text from external program during speech output (Official Romanized Taiwanese Demo ).

For Taiwanese Unicode/ASCII conversion:
Step 1, click right mouse on , then click left mouse on
Step 2, move mouse to Taiwanese window and click right mouse, select "Paste" in Taiwanese window, highlighted Unicode Taiwanese will be converted into ASCII text and pasted to the cursor position.

Taiwanese Word Searching

All the Taiwanese words in main dictionary can be searched with English/Chinese. Speech output is also available for highlighted searching result (Taiwanese word).


Show Help-page.

Open Taiwanese/Chinese File

Open Taiwanese file: Click mouse key in Taiwanese window and move the mouse to click this icon.
Open Chinese file: Click mouse key in Chinese window and move the mouse to click this icon.

Save Taiwanese Files

Save all text in Taiwanese windows to an ASCII plain text file and a Unicode symbol code file.

Save Speech Files

For any part of an input text, an audio file can be saved during speech output process. This function offers an efficient way to produce audio books.

Save Chinese File

Save all text in Chinese windows to a Big-5 code file

Voice Selection

Users can choose men's voices, women's voices or boys' voices for speech output.
Only Man's voice in current version.

Speech Output

Turn the highlighted text into speech output.

Chinese/Romanized Taiwanese Translator

Highlighted text in Chinese window will be translated to Romanized Taiwanese in Taiwanese window.

Word over Mouse Cursor on/off Switch

Function on:
Whenever users browse the text in Taiwanese window and come across a word, users could move mouse/cursor over that word, the system would translate it into Chinese and English immediately. The dictionary window will show the word on the top simultaneously.
Function off:
In Taiwanese window, users can type a Taiwanese word and listen to the speech immediately after pressing the space bar. In Chinese window, users can type a Chinese character and listen to the speech immediately.

Speaker on/off Switch

The on/off switch of speakers

Romanized Taiwanese/Chinese Translator

Highlighted text in Taiwanese window will be translated to Chinese in Chinese window.

Exit Program

Exit program and show the reminder for unsaved text.

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