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Original Programs

1. ABC Data Management Program

2. VIKON Cryptography program

3. Children Disease Diagnosis System

4. TITES Multimedia Tutorial System

5. VIKON Graphic User Interface Program

6. VIKON Multimedia Management System

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ABC Data Management System

ABC Data Management System is a subtle and user-friendly data processing program written in Microsoft BASIC PDS. This program applies a simple, easy to learn, easy to use and flexible architecture. A random-access index routine and a dynamic data structure make up the program to perform several functions such as record append, delete, update, search index and data transfer etc.

As the combination of a database structure and word processing techniques were used to build the system, users can learn how to handle word processor and strengthen their data processing concept through practicing.

ABC Data Management System is also the main editor of TITES Multimedia Tutorial System and VIKON Multimedia Management System.

VIKON Cryptography program

In the modern society, More and more of communications are being routed through electronic channels. E-mail is gradually replacing conventional letter. In any case we don't want our private message or confidential documents read by anyone else. However, Electronic messages are easy to be scanned by others. Since privacy is as apple-pie as the Constitution, there's nothing wrong with asserting our privacy.

VIKON Cryptography program is based on a simple algorithm called "random plus". Only one signature-file is needed to encode and decode files. This powerful cryptography technique allows users to exchange files or messages with privacy, authentication, and convenience. If you want to take your privacy into your own hands, this program is a wise choice for you.

Children Disease Diagnosis System

An expert system is a computer program that uses knowledge, facts and reasoning techniques to solve problems and make decisions. Since Essential MYCIN (EMYCIN) successfully separated the interface engine from a knowledge base, several powerful rule-based expert system shells have been developed by software companies. These tools allow the knowledge engineer to create the knowledge base in an adaptive way and to group rules effectively.

Children Disease Diagnosis System was a bilingual expert system based on the knowledge base which was revised from DOCTOR written by Edward Reasor (1985). In the system, the knowledge base was presented in a graphic format. A Chinese hieroglyph data transfer program was designed to convert Chinese characters from black & white Hercules graphic to EGA color graphic.

The system was a pilot system of TITES (Taiwanese Intelligent Tutorial Expert System). Both systems were developed with Texas Instrument's Personal Consultant Plus.

TITES Multimedia Tutorial System

Computer-assisted instruction (CAI) is a growing application of microcomputers in education. A wealth of literature exists on the subject. Multimedia typically refers to the combination of computer graphics, animation, optical storage, image and sound processing. With the advent of modern technologies, it is possible to integrate many types of media, text, graphics, video, and audio into one package.

Some research applying multimedia technology in education has been reported. These reports indicated that interactive multimedia instruction may be more effective and less costly than conventional instruction.

TITES (Taiwanese Intelligent Tutorial Expert System) was developed with Texas Instrument's Personal Consultant Plus in 1989. The design philosophy of TITES is to create an experimental environment for one of the knowledge navigators.

In the spring of 1992, the author reconstructed TITES with Microsoft BASIC PDS into a practical multimedia-based tutoring system. Together with a bilingual text editor and multimedia database, TITES offers a tool to enable teachers to generate teaching and testing material, to score tests, to record tutorial data, and to give instructions to students.

There are six elegant designs in the system:

	1. Integrated text, graphic, sound, animation, video and other 
	   related software.
	2. Easy to learn, easy to use.
	3. Combine the concept of word processor and database to design
 	   multimedia database and authoring tool.
	4. 1024x768 graphic solution, 256-color pictures, 24x24 various
 	   Chinese hieroglyph characters, MIDI, VOC, CMF files can be 
	   applied in the system.
	5. Flexible database and course-independent design.
	6. User friendly interface for external programs integration.


	1. Tutoring: The instruction group contains tutor with multimedia.
	2. Testing: Six different styles of test such as Drill, reading
 	   comprehension, hearing etc. can be chosen by students.
	3. Review: extract difficult test material for individual student 
	4. Authoring: Offer authoring tools for tutor and test compiling
	5. Record Management: Score test, make report and keep all record in a
 	   database for future reference.

VIKON Graphic User Interface Program

The 1900s is an exciting age when microcomputers are available to most members of industrial societies, schools and families. The computer allows processes to be accomplished faster, more reliably, and with less human effort.

During the last decade, there have been endless changes in the world of personal computers, including both hardware and software. The progress of microcomputers, mass storage media, and image and sound processing technologies was beyond imagination in earlier years, however, many of them are quite expensive and take time to learn to use.

VIKON Graphic User Interface Program is a program manager that applies batch file, graphic interface and sound effect together with mouse users driving control to handle both WINDOWS and DOS applications.

The purpose of designing this program was to offer a convenient operating tool to the novice. In other words, through this man-machine interface, experienced users can install a simplified operation process for the beginner.

VIKON Multimedia Management System

Database is a growing application of microcomputers in many scope. In the earlier ages, database was limited to text only. recently, multimedia database has been widely used mainly because image, video and sound processing techniques have greatly enriched the connotation of multimedia.

VIKON Multimedia Management System is a bilingual multimedia-based data management and project presentation tool. The objective of developing this program was to create a programming-free environment which will enable users to build multimedia database and generate individual project for a variety of subjects.

The following designs were implemented in the development of this system: compatible with ABC data management system, apply user graphic interface, topic searching index project generator, and the integration of external programs.

As a sub-system of TITES, VIKON Multimedia Management System can work well with TITES Multimedia Tutorial System.