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Tony Knowledge Engineering Laboratory

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We can see only a short distance ahead
but we can see plenty there that needs to be done
Alan Turing 1950

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Tony KE Lab was founded in August, 1992. Major works in the lab are related to knowledge engineering research. By means of multimedia technology and knowledge processing, a database of Taiwanese culture and others are also presented to the people who love Taiwan.

Research Topic and Kernel Technology

1. Experimental Design and Statistical Analysis (1976-1990)
2. Natural Language Process and Machine Translation (1984-1986)
Representation of meaning, conceptual analysis, scripts indexing, binary decision tree research.
3. Dynamic Database (1984-1988)
Word processor and data processing, three-dimensional dynamic data structure design, data indexing and searching, the implementation of database system.
4. Expert System and Inference Engine (1987-1991)
The development technique of knowledge representation, rule-based inference engine design, multimedia integration, the implementation of expert system.
5. Semantic Net Construction and Frame Structure Design (1987-
Semantic analysis, commonsense deductions, knowledge representation, frame structure design, the implementation of object-oriented and functional driven design programming.
6. Graphic User Interface (1992-1993)
Mouse-driven and coordinates detection, graphic decoding and presentation, sound playing and the implementation of external programs interface.
7. Speech, Video process and Multimedia Management (1992-1998)
Sound and graphic processing, fonts mapping, animation picture design, graphic acquisition, pattern recognition, charade and encryption, the implementation of multimedia editor and tutorial system.
8. Speech Engine and Speech Synthesizer Design (1998-2001)
Mass data processing, linguistic material acquisition, parser design, syllables cutting and synthesis, words indexing, spelling checking, character detection, the implementation of Chinese and Taiwanese text-to-speech systems.
9. Corpus Construction (1998-
Multi-language dictionary and corpus design, language acquisition of Taiwanese, linguistic material collection and transformation, the integration of linguistic expertise and heuristic knowledge.
10. Text-to-speech Compiler Implementation (2001-2005)
The integration of function test for Text-to-speech system, the extraction of linguistic material, external application program speech output interface design, code switching, the implementation of Text-to-speech compiler.
11. Speech Model training and Recognition (2005-
The promotion of Hidden Markov model, pitch detection, tone comparison, syllables recognition, an algorithm using a probability-based similarity measure, the implementation of Taiwanese speech recognition.
12. Auto-feedback and Machine Learning (2006-
Information feedback, the integration of linguistic expertise and logic inference.
13. Language Model and Cognitive Simulation (2008-
The experiment of semi-automated simulation for machine learning, the implementation of Taiwanese language model.
14. Medium Language in Artificial Intelligence (2008-
The nature of medium language, numeric analysis of medium language, fuzzy theories and fuzzy techniques in knoledge processing.

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